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Post #9 It's Beyond Meat... It's the Beyond Burger!

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Erica hosts the discussion about this meat-alternative in Podcast Episode #5.

Here's some of what she found...

Do you eat veggie/soy/quinoa burgers? Or maybe you're one of those people that would never even think of eating a grain & bean wannabe patty? Well, there's a new alterna-burger to try...The Beyond Burger.

It may look like raw meat in the package, but it's not! It may even cook up to a red, "medium-rare" perfection (thanks, beets!) but this new burger is actually totally plant-based! The company that created the Beyond Burger says that they wanted to make a burger that “looks, cooks, and tastes” like a beef burger but without the environmental and health problems that can come from red meat. (Ya' know, greenhouse gas-emitting cow farts, saturated fat, etc).

So what's in the Beyond Burger?

The patties, sold as two 4oz burgers per pack, contain just four main ingredients:

  • water

  • pea protein isolate

  • canola oil

  • refined coconut oil

There are some other ingredients like potato starch, natural flavor, yeast extract, and beet juice extract that provide the flavor, heft, color and overall juiciness. The burgers have an impressive amount of protein...coming in at 20 grams per serving, with only 5 grams of carbohydrates (really, just 2g of carbs if you subtract the 3 grams of fiber). Not to mention they also pack in a considerable amount of iron and phosphorus (which is found in your bones and teeth), along with some vitamin C.

Any negatives?

Well, fat and calorie-wise the Beyond Burger, at 13 grams of fat per patty, is "about on-par with a beef burger, "says Dallas-based nutritionist Amy Goodson, RD, CSSD. Also, it doesn’t exactly have vegetables a vegetable profile because pea protein isolate "definitely doesn’t get you any closer to your five to seven servings of vegetables a day," she says. And much like a beef burger, add-ons like, cheese, bacon, and mayo (all the stuff we love to add!) will up those fat grams.

How does it compare to the Impossible Burger?

Yep, there's another popular meat-alternative out there made by Impossible Foods. The biggest difference between the two is that the Impossible Burger uses soy, while Beyond does not. Impossible Burgers also contain slightly more fat and saturated fat, and have no fiber, which isn't so hot.

Production of both burgers will use significantly less land, less water, and emit less greenhouse gasses.

Where can you get it?

Actually, the Beyond Burger is available at quite a few places. It's on the menu at select TGIFridays, Bareburger, Epic Burger, VeggieGrill, Carl's Junior, and Del Taco locations. Want to try it at home? It's also available Amazon Prime Fresh, Target, and Kroger supermarkets.

But how does the Beyond Burger taste?!?

Nobody cares how healthy anything is if it tastes like crap, right? Well, according to the Amazon reviews, the Beyond Burger is on the right track! Only 15% of reviewers called it a "HELL NAW!" item. Most reviews were 5 stars and included positive comments about the texture, flavor and color.

So I guess that means you'll have to try it and see!

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