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Post #6 Erica Hates Water!

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

She declares her aversion to water in Podcast Episode #2. Here are some of her notes...

Water tastes awful, simple as that. And it turns out there's a large segment of the population, called Hydro Haters, who feel the same way. Water avoiders include New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who told reporters, “I’m trying to stay hydrated, but sometimes I just gotta get an IV.” He'd rather suffer through cramps than drink water.

Of course water, literally the Elixir of Life (UGH!), supplies a boatload of benefits like:

  • helps regulate body temperature

  • reduces the chance of strokes & heart attacks

  • reduces acne

  • eliminates body waste

  • boosts the immune system

  • lowers blood pressure

  • prevents headaches

  • supports joint & eye health

  • improves sleep & digestion

  • increases energy levels

  • moisturizes the skin

  • aids in alleviating depression & certain neurological disorders

  • cushions the brain & spinal cord

The average human body weight is made up of 60% water, and our blood is almost 90% water, so it's no surprise that we are bombarded with reminders to stay hydrated. Timers, apps, daily planner trackers, not to mention all of the ever-present ads for every version of water are so annoying. There is such a thing as too much's called hyponatremia...and it occurs when sodium levels in the blood become too low. (There are multiple causes for this, over-hydrating is just one of them.)

So how much water do we actually need?

The UK's National Health System states that for the body to function properly we only need 1.2 liters of fluid! That is totally doable. Non-caffeinated beverages like milk or vegetable juice are good substitutes for water (hard pass on the full glasses of fruit juice, though). There are even some ways to make that horrible clear liquid taste better by adding:

  • a splash of juice

  • fruit to ice cubes

  • vitamin or amino acid packets

  • ginger

  • sparkling water

  • slices of fruits or veggies

Water is still gross. But it's necessary to stay alive and, thankfully, there are enough options out there to force me into compliance.

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