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Post #35 Great Holiday Gift Ideas and a Bit of Decoration for Men!

In Podcast Episode #30, Erica gets us ready for some fun holiday shopping!


Unique holiday trends for 2019 include adult advent boxes of all kinds, as well as the chance to decorate your beard for the holidays. Really!!!

And you do not have to be a Christian to enjoy or give an Advent Gift. Everyone, from any faith or none, loves a gift that has a daily surprise! Countdown to Chanukah, or to the New Year, or to Valentine's Day...or to anytime you please!!!!

Ready to get festive? Advent boxes are all the rage. Traditionally the Advent is the period of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas or sometimes from December 1st to Christmas Day. Advent means 'Coming' in Latin. So the ushering in and welcoming in of Jesus. Christians prepare for the coming with celebrations and preparation and little daily, what a better way to prepare for the king of Kings! These calendars that help kids count down to the holiday where first introduced in the 1900’s and now have been reimagined for adults. Being filled with everything from chocolates to alcohol, to make up and food.

4 Themes of Advent That are Quite Universal!!!

  • · Hope

  • · Peace

  • · Joy

  • · Love

The benefits of getting a special treat every day for a month are excitement joy and euphoria some of the boxes include:

  • · Precious Moments $242

  • · Sephora Fragrance $45

  • · L’Occitane Classic $64

  • · Tiffany & Co. $112,000

  • · Man Crate Beef Jerky $50

  • · Merchoid Harry Potter Christmas $52.99

  • · Aldi Wine $69.99

  • · Sam’s Club Pets $9.98

Beard Decorating is a real thing!

It's not fair that the ladies get to do all of the dressing up for the holidays...boys wanna sparkle, too! There are Christmas mini ornaments, stars and even battery operated lights!!!

  • · Beard Treats $42.56

The Cons

The Advent gifts are a bit more money spent than what's typical for pre-holiday items. But the gift is actively enjoyed longer!

You can’t get your beard wet if you are using the lights.

You May lose some facial hair taking out holiday beard decorations...ouch!


Not only do Advent gifts work to help keep kids and adults alike focused on the reason for the season. Its a great way to share a form of gift giving other cultures and faiths may not be familiar with. And I think it offers great opportunities for self-care...especially if you get one for yourself! I think this could be the next best thing since the Elf on the Shelf. And I like fancy beards!

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