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Post #3 Pig Jelly Cream

Bet that got your attention!

Pig Collagen...which sounds so much better than Pig Jelly...has been touted as "the" miracle ingredient for boosting skin elasticity. Diminishing collagen levels is what causes those lines and wrinkles we spend a fortune trying to banish. Supposedly, Korean women have been using it for decades, but the trend made its way to the U.S. market around 2010. Applying pig collagen is often one of the steps in various versions of the popular 10-step Korean facial.

(So is snail slime, but I'm really not open to that one because I'm afraid of snails. And, yes, I know how wimpy how that sounds.)

So, does it work? I don't know. For something that's been around for so long, I expected to find more concrete evidence one way or the other. I haven't personally tried it yet, but here's the research I've found so far...

Those little piggies have skin that is strikingly similar to human skin. That's why pigs have been used in studies for skin protection, burns, wound healing, sun damage, transdermal delivery of medications, and radiation. Porcine collagen is also quite similar to human collagen, so the school of thought is that it delivers better results than the synthetic versions present in so many skincare lines. It is important to note, however, that collagen molecules are too big to actually pass through our skin barriers and fight those wrinkles. Most dermatologists and estheticians recommend products and treatments that trigger our bodies to produce our own collagen.

Pig Collagen is usually available in a gel form on its own, mixed into a cream or as coating on a prepared mask. The common comment I hear from those I know who use it and reviews I've read is that it delivers a plumped, hydrated feeling on the skin. That super-hydrated feeling seems to last for a while, sometimes with a kind of sticky sensation. (Eeew!) As an actual collagen may be green-biscuit bullshit. I hear that it makes a great last step to your skincare regime as an overnight moisture mask.

I'm definitely curious, and since the prices are within the I-won't-be-too-pissed-off-if-this-doesn't-work-range, I'll probably give it a try.

Let you know what happens!

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