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Post #26 Goat Yoga & Beer Yoga

In podcast Ep #21, Erica introduces us to the world of Goat & Beer, not at the same time!


Goga = Goat yoga!!

I know we have all heard of yoga but now, there is an another type to choose from among the many yoga offerings. First there was hot yoga, yin yoga and power yoga. But now we can add Beer and Goat yoga to the mix.

Goat Yoga is practiced with goats in the room or in a pen or backyard prepped for outdoor yoga. They can be baby, full sized, or the smaller African Pigmy Goats, and often they participate in the their own special way, of course! If you're lucky, the goats will hop onto your back or cuddle up on your mat. As you sweat, they bleat. And don't worry that you're missing out if you don't live near a farm. The goats are highly portable, and in some cities, have a circuit of regular locations.

Beer Yoga or Brewery Yoga is a form of yoga that holds its classes at breweries or taprooms. You drink beer before, during and/or after performing yoga moves. Each brewery and instructor will have their own style. Some practices even have you incorporate holding and balancing your beer right into the poses!

Any Benefits?

Both of these forms of yoga offer a lighter, more inclusive energy to the group class environment. Some people feel very intimidated by tradition yoga classes or studios, but are willing to try this approach instead.

As with any regular yoga practice it:

  • Builds strength

  • Improves circulation

  • Improves flexibility

  • Relieves stress

  • Promotes Weight loss

  • Increases sex drive (according to Harvard Medical School!)

  • Improves Sleep (especially Cobra Pose)

Any Risks?

Pulls and strains can be a problem with both forms of this accessorized yoga.

  • During Goat Yoga, a practiced instructor will keep the animals from jumping on students during more vulnerable poses, and will do asanas that are more goat friendly.

  • With Brewery Yoga, you'll want to be aware that the relaxed feeling that comes with alcohol usage doesn't trick you into thinking you're more flexible than you actually are!

Bottom-line – Does it work?

I love this!!! I had the chance to see Goat Yoga at a conference I attended, and it was delightful! I would totally say ,"Two thumbs up!" to anything that gets you up, out, moving and feeling good!

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