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Post #23 Seen the Black Toothpaste?

Erica tell us about Charcoal Toothpaste in Podcast Episode #18.


We all have to brush our teeth and we all want really pretty white smiles, but are they achievable? The answer is YES! but choose your method wisely.

I was so excited by seeing those pearly, white smiles on the internet. I just dove head first into the charcoal toothpaste craze. Gimme my black toothpaste!!! Well, turns out that wasn’t the best idea.

Any Benefits?

There are some, but really not more than most toothpastes and consistent dental care. Yes, that means you have to floss and go in for those regular checkups!

Here's what charcoal toothpaste does offer:

  • Breath freshening

  • Plaque removal

  • Surface spot removal

  • Detoxifying

Any Risks?

More than you know!

  • Enamel erosion meaning the irreversible loss of the tooth coating with overuse

  • Dentin loss which increases the risk of dental problems such as: accumulation of stains, tooth sensitivity, gingival recession, and cavities

Great, so in the short term some surface stains may go away. But the long-term use of charcoal toothpastes means sensitivity to both hot and cold foods, more cavities, and receding gums. So attractive.

Did I mention that the charcoal (and the weird fillers they use to make the charcoal!) can get in between gums and teeth the gums, causing actual trauma to the gums?

Bottom-line – Does it work?

Hell No! The risks far outweigh the benefits, in my estimation. For me, it's just not worth the small gains. The detoxifying is great but turns out your mouth doesn’t really need it. The bacteria that mainly settle there aren’t that bad. Also, it doesn’t really whiten your teeth, which is why you bought it in the first place, and you can do major damage to yourself.

Hard Pass!!!

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