About Our Podcast

Everyday we are bombarded with the latest breaking news about what's healthy, what's necessary, and what's not.  Right after you just bought a boatload of vitamins!  

As busy, working moms we'll try our best to weed through all the nonsense, and give you the facts...as we see them.  Our opinions are the only ones that matter, right???

The Team
Between the three of us, we attempt to juggle the schedules of assorted old people, two husbands, four children, random pets, never-ending household chores and our actual careers. Phew!
Tami Bruskotter
Karen Glover
Erica Robbins

Tami spent more than 20 years as a working actor (as Tami-Adrian George cuz you know you're going to look it up), always keeping a strong footing in the fitness world. She's been a certified Pilates Instructor and Nutrition Coach for the last 26 years and never gets tired of friends, family and random strangers asking "Can I eat this??". 

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Tami's Take On...

Karen has enjoyed success as an Industrial Designer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and House Flipper. She is also a consultant and co-owner of Red Monster Lighting, LLC, a lighting design and rental company for film, TV and commercials. And because she's much too smart for her own good, we all whine and cry until she does our tech support. Did we mention she's also a dog whisperer?

Erica has a BA and a Masters in Business from Penn State... so yeah, that's why she does Business and HR Consulting for various companies throughout  the city of Los Angeles. Does she look familiar to you? Of course!  That's Erica you see modeling and acting in commercials, TV, film, and music videos.